Chuck Berry in London - Fresh Berry's

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Band Name Chuck Berry
Album Name Chuck Berry in London - Fresh Berry's
Type Box Set
Data wpisu 13 Marzec 2002
Wydawcy BGO Records
Styl muzycznyRock'n'Roll
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. My Little Love Light
2. She Once Was Mine
3. After It's Over
4. I Got a Booking
5. Night Beat
6. His Daughter Caroline
7. You Came a Long Way from St Louis
8. St Louis Blues
9. Jamaica Farewell
10. Dear Dad
11. Butterscotch
12. Song of My Love
13. Why Should We End This Way
14. I Want to Be Your Driver
15. It Wasn't Me
16. Runm Joe
17. Everyday We Rock and Roll
18. One for My Baby (and One for the Road)
19. Sad Day Long Night
20. It's My Own Business
21. Right Off Rampart Street
22. Vaya con Dios
23. Merrily We Rock and Roll
24. My Mustang Ford
25. Ain't That Just Like a Woman
26. Wee Hour Blues