Yeah! and Remixed By

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Band Name The Little Rabbits
Album Name Yeah! and Remixed By
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum Oktober 1998
Musik GenreRock
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1. Yeah!
2. La Piscine
3. In the Bathroom
4. December
5. Casanova the Ancient
6. Pic Nic Boy
7. L'Amour
8. Down Here
9. Pity
10. Le Blé dans les Fouilles
11. A Red Disk Swimming in the Blue Sea
12. Nobody's Birthday Party
13. Roller Girl
14. Let Death Part us
1. L'Amour (Purple Penguin Mix) by Purple Penguin
2. La Piscine (My Bloody Valentine Mix) by My Bloody Valentine
3. A Red Disk Swimming in the Blue Sea (Quark Angry Mix) by Mr Quark
4. Pic Nic Boy (Solex Mix) by Solex
5. L'Amour (Annie Philipps Mix) by Katerine
6. Le Blé dans les Fouilles (Major Force Mix) by K.U.D.O.
7. Roller Girl (Roudoudou Mix) by Roudoudou
8. Pic Nic Boy (Leucemix) by Bosco

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