Norman [Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Liste der Bands Indie Rock Andrew Bird Norman [Motion Picture Soundtrack]
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Band Name Andrew Bird
Album Name Norman [Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Type Album
Erscheinungsdatum 11 Oktober 2011
Musik GenreIndie Rock
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1. Scotch and Milk
2. 3.36
3. Arcs and Coulombs
4. Hospital
5. The Blow with Richard Swift - S.O.S.
6. Nice Hat / Exit Sign / Angelo Speaks
7. Medicine Chest
8. The Kiss / Time and Space / Waterfall
9. Wolf Parade - You Are a Runner and I Am My Father’s Son (Redux)
10. Cancerboy Strikes Again / Monsterstream
11. Chad VanGaalen - Rabid Bits of Time
12. Build Up to the Fall
13. Epic Sigh / The Python Connection
14. The Bridge
15. Night Sky
16. Afterspeak / Things Come to a Head
17. Darkmatter