The Best Of Aphrodite's Child

乐队列表 Progressive Rock Aphrodite's Child The Best Of Aphrodite's Child
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Band Name Aphrodite's Child
Album Name The Best Of Aphrodite's Child
Type Compilation
发布日期 1994
出版公司 Phonogram Records
音乐风格Progressive Rock


1. Rain and Tears
2. The System
3. Babylon
4. It's Five O'clock
5. Don't Try to Catch a River
6. Hic and Nunc
7. The Battle of the Locusts
8. Do It
9. I Want to Live
10. The Beast
11. You Always Stand in my Way
12. Let Me Love, Let Me Live
13. Wake Up
14. Marie Jolie
15. Take Your Time
16. Annabella
17. Good Time So Fine
18. Marie Jolie
19. Magic Mirror
20. Break