Rock 'n' Roll Terrorist

乐队列表 Punk-Rock GG Allin Rock 'n' Roll Terrorist
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Band Name GG Allin
Album Name Rock 'n' Roll Terrorist
Type Album
发布日期 1999


1. I Wanna Fuck Myself
2. Fuck Woman I've Never Had
3. Needle Up My Cock
4. You'll Never Tame Me
5. Bite It, You Scum
6. Scumfuc Tradition
7. Abuse Myself, I Wanna Die
8. Kill the Children Save the Food
9. I Wanna Piss on You
10. I Don't Give a Shit
11. Drink, Fight and Fuck
12. Fucking the Dog
13. Clit Licker
14. Blowjob
15. Gimmie
16. I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out
17. Teachers Pet
18. I'm Gonna Rape You
19. Bad Habits
20. Sluts in the City
21. I Wanna Suck Your Cunt
22. Tough Fuckin Shit
23. Hard Candy Cock
1. Ass Fuckin', Butt Suckin', Cunt lickin', Masturbation
2. Fuck the Dead
3. God of Fire in Hell
4. Devil's Prayer
5. Eat My Diahrrea
6. Cock on the Loose
7. Blood for You-Savage Blood Bath
8. Murder for Mission-Terrorist Anarchy-Sidewalk
9. I Love Nothing-Self Absorbed
10. 99 Stab Wounds-Decapitation Ritual-No Limits No Laws
11. War in My Head-I'm Your Enemy--a Dead Fuck
12. Sister Sodomy-Death and Defecation-Kill, Kill, Kill
13. Violence Now-Assassinate the President-Drink from the Pissing Snakes Mouth
14. Rape, Torture, Terminate and Fuck-Guns and Revolution
15. Kill the Police-Destroy the System-Immortal Pieces of Me
16. My Prison Walls-206045-Death Before Life-Bloody Cunt Slider
17. I Hate People