It's Smoke Time

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Band Name The Smoke
Album Name It's Smoke Time
Type Album
发布日期 1967
出版公司 Repertoire Records
音乐风格Psychedelic Rock


1. My Friend Jack
2. Waterfall
3. You Can't Catch Me
4. High in a Room
5. Wake Up Cherylina
6. Don't Lead Me On
7. We Can Take it
8. If the Weather's Sunny
9. I Wanna Make it with You
10. It's Getting Closer
11. It's Just Your Way of Lovin'
12. I Would if I Could but I Can't
13. Have Some More Tea
14. Victor Henry's Cool Book
15. Sydney Gill
16. It Could Be Wonderful
17. Keep a Hold of What You've Got
18. She's a Liar
19. I Am Only Dreaming
20. Universal Vagrant
21. Dreams of Dreams
22. My Birth
23. Jack Is Back
24. That's What I Want
25. Playing With Magic
26. My Friend Jack