Folk's Not Dead

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Band Name Fiddler's Green
Album Name Folk's Not Dead
Type Live
发布日期 2010
出版公司 Indigo
音乐风格Folk Rock


Recorded live at E-Werk, Erlangen, Germany, 18 and 19.03.2010
1. Life Full of Pain
2. Sporting Day
3. Folk's Not Dead
4. Lanigan's Ball
5. Irish Air
6. Mrs. McGrath
7. All These Feelings
8. Bottom of Our Glass
9. Bretonix
10. Marie's Wedding
11. Rose in the Heather
12. Another Spring Song
13. The Night Pat Murphy Died
14. Rocky Road to Dublin
15. Captain Song
16. Bugger Off
17. Blarney Roses

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Fiddler's Green