All Is Dream

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Band Name Mercury Rev
Album Name All Is Dream
Type Album
发布日期 2001
出版公司 V2 Music
制作人 Dave Fridmann
音乐风格Psychedelic Rock


1. The Dark Is Rising
2. Tides Of The Moon
3. Chains
4. Lincoln's Eyes
5. Nite and Fog
6. Little Rhymes
7. A Drop in Time
8. You're My Queen
9. Spiders and Flies
10. Hercules
Japanese release bonus track
11. Cool Waves
Limited edition bonus CD-Rom
1. Saw Song (Live) (Audio)
2. Hercules (Live) (Audio)
3. Little Rhymes (Live) (Audio)
4. Nite and Fog (Video)
5. The Dark Is Rising (Video)
6. Documentary Footage (Video)