Europe : Europe

Hard-Rock / Sweden
(1982 - Epic Records)



So many years ago the people on this earth
They were laughin´
They didn´t think of anything else
Than love and peace
But generations failed to see
That they were causin´
Trouble for the future
They didn´t know that one single war
Would continue to increase

But I´ll be beside you
Cause I want to hide you
I´ll cover my pain
Or I´ll go insane

Oh Lord where will it end
When tomorrow is done
Oh Lord can we stop to pretend
That we can survive in the future to come

As long as you can see
As long as you can feel
There´s no cause for alarm
As long as you can touch
As long as you can move
It ain´t too bad
But one day or another
This world would maybe
Be destroyed forever
A holocaust maybe be spread
And drive us all mad


There was a time, when I was satisfied
There was a time, when everything felt right
But now´s the time for me to decide
And I´ve only got one solution in sight

Don´t know where I´m going
But I know it feels right
And though my feelings are showing
I´m not afraid, it´s alright

So long, farewell
I´ve got to go
Be strong, be well
I want you to know
That maybe we´ll meet someday

Should I stay or should I go
It was not easy to decide
But you told me: "I already know"
I guess you wondered why I lied


Fourhoundred years back in this time
Seven Doors Hotel
A massacre took place and a young man died
Opened one gate to Hell
The Eibon is open use your eyes
To read and learn
In the end it could be your turn

1981 traces were found
That could not exist in one´s mind
A woman could lead you totally deceive you
Without your knowing she´s blind

Seven Doors Hotel
One of seven gates to Hell
Seven Doors Hotel
One of seven gates to Hell

Do always watch out for things
That you see but don´t understand
The Devil is there always somewhere
Ready to command


They were attacked by surprise
In the middle of the night
They didn´t stand a single chance
A single chance to fight
After the battle they gathered around the king
And they had never seen that man so sad

"I´m tiding out to get those men
Who hurt my people bad, so bad"

The king will return
With gold in his hand
The castle will burn
In the enemy land
And he will save our people

When two springs had passed a messanger
Came down the track
He said that he had heard great news
"The king is coming back"
Oh the time he was gone
They suffered bad in misery
They didn´t know the way

Everyone was shouting
Save our kingdom now

They suffered bad in pain
The time he was away
But maybe now they could survive
Now they could survive

When the king came down the hill
To his people and his land
There were many tears
That touched the ground
And made marks in the sand
Yes now they could start all over again
And live in peace throughout time

Everyone was shouting
When the king came down the hill

The king is returning with gold in his hand
The castle is burning
In the enemy land
The king is...




She spend one evening alone she´s on fire
Thinkin´ of you in a dream
You come home and she says you´re a liar
Asking "Where have you been"

But she´s the angel of your heart
There´s not a thing that could set you apart
If nothing comes by ´till the end
If nothing goes wrong
She will always be your friend

You´re a fool when you think that she´s someone
Who would believe in a lie
You´re a fool when you don´t think she´s someone
Whom you can make cry

Cause you´re the hero of her heart
There´s not a thing that could set you apart
If nothing comes by ´till the end
If nothing goes wrong
You will always be her friend

You are the children of this time
You are the bread and the wine
You are companions ´till the end
You´ve got yourselves to defend

Give her more so much more and you´ll find out
That it will come in return
Tell her more so much more about your feelings
And she will make them burn

Cause you´re the children of today
There´s not a thing that could stand in your way
If nothing goes wrong
You will always be friends


So many words have passed through my mind
Never thought I´d be so blind
I wish I could understand you

So many things I´ve heard and seen
But still I don´t know what you mean
When you say "I´m leaving you"

I wish I could remember
Everything I´ve learned

I´ve tried and I´ve tried to be so good
And I know i should
Say something before you go

Cause every time I´ve done something wrong
It´s so hard to be strong
Gone are the feelings I want to show

Oh... words of wisdom
Oh... teach me more
Oh... words of wisdom
Oh... so much more


Lay your hand upon my shoulder say something
That I want to hear
Time will wash out every trace of sadness
If only you are near

I´ve tried so hard just to be somebody
But now I´m found

And we can be together
And travel far away
And we can love forever
In some old Paradize Bay

Carry me oh bring me out of fantasy
And tell me this is real
Tell me that you won´t give up
And tell me it´s a good thing to feel

The wind is carrying your voice
The message is "Don´t ever walk away"
And the only answer I can give to you
Is that I´m always gonna stay


There is no time to pay my sin
And everywhere blows a firewind
I´m all alone trying to survive

It´s coming back into my head
Memories of the time we had
I´m trying hard to stay alive

The sun is down, the day is done
The sky is dark, and I´m on the run
Yesterday is so far away

The wind is strong there´s something wrong
But I just have to carry on
For tomorrow is a brand new day

Cause I left you without saying: "I´ll go"
Yes, I left you without letting you know

My memories is chasin´ me over mountains high
And across the sea will I ever be well again
I want the strength to carry on,
What´s done is done
I want the power in me to remain strong

;歌词由 添加 Stratobodom - 修改此歌词