Fatal Blow >> Fatal Blow : Nouveau album
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Dimanche 08 Mars 2020 - 10:05:27

Le 5 Mars Fatal Blow composé de membres de The Oppressed sort chez Mad Butcher Records leur nouvel album "Général and Soldiers" douze chansons de Oi made in UK.

1.Tent City Reality 

2.Generals and Soldiers

3.Rich Mans War

4.Proud Boys, Proud of What 

5.Party Political Bullshit 

6.Last Skinhead in Town 

7.Fatal Blow

8.Active Shooter 

9.Skinhead Time Bomb

10.Sink the Ship 

11.Still Hate Thatcher 

12.What Have We Got


Source : https://www.madbutcher.de/index.php/component/muscol/F/212-fatal-blow/434-generals-soldiers