Together Through Life

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Band Name Bob Dylan
Album Name Together Through Life
Type Album
发布日期 28 四月 2009
出版公司 Columbia Records
音乐风格Folk Rock


1. Beyond Here Lies Nothin' 03:51
2. Life Is Hard 03:39
3. My Wife's Home Town 04:15
4. If You Ever Go to Houston 05:49
5. Forgetful Heart 03:42
6. Jolene 03:51
7. This Dream of You 05:54
8. Shake Shake Mama 03:37
9. I Feel a Change Comin' On 05:25
10. It's All Good 05:28
Total playing time 45:27

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评阅 @ ChristopherJRM

17 十一月 2010
Bob Dylan. Weak, isn't it? More than 30 studio albums that this man has in his archive. That's all due to... luck? Marketing? Wrong. Bob Dylan is obviously an artist that doesn't need any kind of introductions. The kind of artist that integrates any list of great artists, with records that enter lists of iconic records and has been playing his Folk Rock, ever since any of us remembers. It's like he did music, before music was being made. What's certain is that at the 33rd studio work, Mr. Dylan sounds as fresh and innovator as a few decades behind, even if he always goes by the same path. That Folk Rock is just a genre that Dylan helped create. Or created, along with a huge group that we'll always remember - The Byrds. What would be the logics of abandoning it and do something new? The genre is like his son, he knows it better than anyone, so that's why he can do with it what he wishes. Classics like "Subterranean Homesick Blues" and "Like a Rolling Stone" are already created, but there's plenty more to take from the genre. So, no surprises, when you hear this new record - it sounds as fresh as it would sound 40 years ago. Dylan, here with 68 years, shows a quite aged voice - yeah, sure, you want him to still sing like a young man, at this age, huh? - but with the same Dylan trademark, the one that gave voice to "Maggie's Farm" or "Lay Lady Lay". It's the folk songs á-la American way that give life to these 10 themes and those melodies that make us stomp our foot, like the initial "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" or "My Wife's Home Town". A certain frustration, that Dylan had been always pouring on his songs, either in political critics or something that he just feels like, that's also found in this record, in the same sarcastic sometimes humourous way. I could continue enumerating factors of Bob Dylan's music but I don't think it's necessary. It's The Usual essence that makes Bob Dylan such a basic yet versatile artist. And his fans sit down listening and asking themselves how did he make it again.

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