Great Western Valkyrie

乐队列表 Hard-Rock Rival Sons Great Western Valkyrie
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Band Name Rival Sons
Album Name Great Western Valkyrie
Type Album
发布日期 06 六月 2014
出版公司 Earache


1. Electric Man
2. Good Luck
3. Secret
4. Play the Fool
5. Good Things
6. Open My Eyes
7. Rich and the Poor
8. Belle Starr
9. Where I've Been
10. Destination on Course
Bonustracks (Itunes)-Bonus CD (Super Deluxe Box Set limited to 100 copies)
1. Too Much Love
2. My Nature
3. Torture (Live in Gothenburg)
4. Wild Animal (Live in Gothenburg)
5. Manifest Destiny Pt. 2 (Acoustic)