Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance

乐队列表 Pop Rock TISM Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance
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Band Name TISM
Album Name Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance
Type Album
发布日期 1988
音乐风格Pop Rock


1. I'm Interested in Apathy
2. Saturday Night Palsy
3. The Mystery of the Artist Explained
4. If You're Creative, Get Stuffed
5. 40 Years - Then Death
6. Anarchy Means Crossing When It Says 'Don't Walk'
7. The Ballad of John Bonham's Coke Roadie
8. Choose Bad Smack
9. The Fosters Car Park Boogie
10. Martin Scorsese Is Really Quite a Jovial Fellow
11. I Drive a Truck
12. Defecate on My Face
13. Kill Americans
14. Volare
15. The Penis Is Mightier Than the Sword
16. Slave to the Economist
17. I Shit Me
18. Doug Parkinsons Sings Christie Allen
19. Gimme Gimme Nervous Breakdown
20. The Ballad of the Semitic Nazi
21. And the Ass Said to the Angel: 'Wanna Play Kick to Kick'
22. The Mordialloc Rd. Duplicator
23. Jack Elliot's Turf Whinge
24. Ezra Pound - Axe King
25. Johnny to B. or Not to B. Goode
26. Morrison Hostel
27. The Ted Commandments