Death By Unga Bunga!!

乐队列表 Garage Rock The Mummies Death By Unga Bunga!!
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Band Name The Mummies
Album Name Death By Unga Bunga!!
Type Album
发布日期 2003
出版公司 Estrus
音乐风格Garage Rock


1. Introduction to the Mummies
2. In and Out
3. A Girl Like You
4. I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight
5. I'm Bigger Than You
6. (I Should Better Be Lookin' for) Dangerman
7. Die !
8. That Girl
9. Test Drive
10. Stronger Than Dirt
11. Food, Sickles & Girls
12. Your Love
13. Down Home Girl
14. (Doin') The Kirk
15. Babba Diddy Baby
16. That's Mighty Childish
17. Just One More Dance
18. The House on the Hill
19. (You Must Fight to Live) on the Planet of the Apes
20. One By One
21. Zip a Dee Doo Dah
22. ???