Chords of Fame

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Band Name Phil Ochs
Album Name Chords of Fame
Type Compilation
发布日期 1976
出版公司 A and M Records
音乐风格Folk Rock


1. I Ain't Marchin' Anymore (Electric)
2. One More Parade
3. Draft Dodger Rag
4. Here's to the State of Richard Nixon
5. The Bells
6. Bound for Glory
7. Too Many Martyrs
8. There But For Fortune
9. I'm Going Say it Now
10. Santo Domingo
11. Changes
12. Is There Anybody Here?
13. Love Me, I'm a Liberal
14. When I'm Gone
15. Outside of a Small Circle of Friends
16. Pleasures of the Harbor (Live)
17. Tape From California
18. Chords of Fame
19. Crucifixion
20. The War is Over
21. Jim Dean of Indiana
22. Power and the Glory
23. Flower Lady
24. No More Songs