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Alligator Stew
A First Taste Of Alligator Stew
Releases : January 2017
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You Me At Six : Night People
(Emo- United-Kingdom)

The Gift : Clinic Hope 17/20
(Alternativ Rock- Portugal)
Mono Inc. : Together Till the End 18/20
(Gothic Rock- Germany)

Happoradio : Kauniin Kääntöpiiri
(Pop Rock- Finland)
Gotthard : Silver
(Hard-Rock- Switzerland)

União Das Tribos : Amanhã (Single) 20/20
(Blues Rock- Portugal)
TORV : If Only Fools Never Change Their Mind
(Electronic Rock- France)

Rage De Vaincre : Onde de choc
(Street Punk - Oi- France)
Mike Oldfield : Return to Ommadawn 19/20
(Progressive Rock- United-Kingdom)

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs : Feed the Rats
(Noise Rock- United-Kingdom)
António Manuel Ribeiro : Pálidos Olhos Azuis (Remastered) 19/20
(Rock- Portugal)

Cloud Nothings : Life Without Sound
(Post-punk- USA)
The Videos : Drugs
(Punkcore- France)

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes : Modern Ruin
(Punk-Rock- United-Kingdom)
Bottle Next : Bad Horses
(Folk Rock- France)

NohOï : Maelström
(Post-Rock- France)
Mysteria Noctis : Quid Est Veritas?
(Progressive Rock- Italy)

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