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Alligator Stew
A First Taste Of Alligator Stew
Releases : December 2015
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Bluescificação : Parte
(Blues Rock- Brazil)

Clint Slate : Before the Dark 15/20
(Folk Rock- France)
Indochine : Black City Concerts
(Pop Rock- France)

Coldplay : A Head Full of Dreams 15/20
(Pop Rock- United-Kingdom)
Bruce Springsteen : The Ties That Bind : The River Collection 19/20
(Rock- USA)

Arte E Ofício : Alive After 40 Years 19/20
(Jazz Rock- Portugal)
Find Me : Dark Angel
(Melodique Rock- Italy)

Jess And The Ancient Ones : Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes
(Psychedelic Rock- Finland)
Inward Oceans : Paths from Home
(Post-Rock- Canada)

Nothing : Leave Me Alone (A New Order Tribute)
(Alternativ Rock- USA)
Acromaníacos : Top Gun
(Punk-Rock- Portugal)

Warm Shelter : When Our Journey Ends
(Post-Rock- Poland)
Rebel Mistress : Restless Minds
(Hard-Rock- Sweden)

Void Places : Haughty Regards
(Alternativ Rock- France)
Prince : HITnRUN (Phase Two) 17/20
(Pop Rock- USA)

HeklAa : Songs in F
(Indie Rock- France)
Esben And The Witch : We Melted the Wax, Now We Can See
(Post-punk- United-Kingdom)

Lunar Cape : Just Lunatics
(Folk Rock- Russia)
For Heaven's Sake : Pandemonium 14/20
(Folk Rock- France)

For Heaven's Sake : Ophelia #38
(Folk Rock- France)
For Heaven's Sake : Jerusalem
(Folk Rock- France)

Cage The Elephant : Tell Me I'm Pretty
(Alternativ Rock- USA)
Christian Death : The Root of All Evilution
(Gothic Rock- USA)

We Deserve This : Reading Dog Backwards
(Experimental Rock- Germany)
The Chris Rolling Squad : The Chris Rolling Squad
(Blues Rock- France)

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