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Alligator Stew
A First Taste Of Alligator Stew
Releases : December 2014
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Corbeaux : Hit the Head
(Post-Rock- France)

Eupana : So Many Suns 18/20
(Post-Rock- USA)
Royal Blood : Ten Tonne Skeleton
(Garage Rock- United-Kingdom)

Fvnerals : The Light
(Post-Rock- United-Kingdom)
AC-DC : Rock or Bust 15/20
(Hard-Rock- Australia)

Roxette : XXX - The 30 Biggest Hits
(Pop Rock- Sweden)
Rage De Vaincre : Inclassable
(Street Punk - Oi- France)

Jennifer Rostock : Kaleidoskop
(Rock- Germany)
Yes : Like It Is at the Bristol Hippodrome 19/20
(Symphonic Prog- United-Kingdom)

Cruizzen : Free Ride
(Hard-Rock- Germany)
Solterra : Future Man
(Experimental Rock- USA)

We Deserve This : Farewell
(Experimental Rock- Germany)
Appalooza : Chameleon
(Stoner Rock- France)

The Smashing Pumpkins : Monuments to an Elegy 17/20
(Alternativ Rock- USA)
Lynch Mob : Sun Red Sun
(Hard-Rock- USA)

NOFX : Backstage Passport Soundtrack
(Punk-Rock- USA)
Angels And Airwaves : The Dream Walker 19/20
(Pop Rock- USA)

Rishloo : Living As Ghosts with Buildings As Teeth
(Progressive Rock- USA)
Death Valley Girls : Electric High
(Rock'n'Roll- USA)

Hante. : Her Fall and Rise 16/20
(Darkwave- France)
Soponcio : Fuerza Oculta
(Stoner Rock- Chile)

Riff De Guerre : Dan-no-Ura, la fin de l'ère Heian
(Street Punk - Oi- France)
Visage : Orchestra
(New-Wave- United-Kingdom)

Smoke Fairies : Wild Winter
(Britpop- United-Kingdom)
Böhse Onkelz : Nichts ist für die Ewigkeit – Live am Hockenheimring 2014
(Melodique Rock- Germany)

Ciempiés : Buda Consumido (re-issue)
(Post-Rock- Spain)
We Deserve This : Little Drawings
(Experimental Rock- Germany)

Twilight in Versailles : Eternal Sea
(Progressive Rock- USA)
Vanilla Sky : Another Lie: Like Home
(Punk-Rock- Italy)

Javier Kraus : Maquinación Mortis
(Progressive Rock- Argentina)
Daytona : Morceaux de Lune
(Pop Rock- France)

Pallas : Wearewhoweare 16/20
(Neo Prog- United-Kingdom)
Gov't Mule : Dark Side of the Mule 18/20
(Blues Rock- USA)

Dust'N'Flames : Backstabbing from Heaven
(Rock- Italy)
Local H : Local H's Awesome Mix Tape #2 10/20
(Grunge- USA)

Whale Fall : The Madrean
(Post-Rock- USA)
Demians : Mercury
(Progressive Rock- France)

State Urge : Confrontation
(Alternativ Rock- Poland)
Those Who Ride With Giants : The Redux Road to Hope & Peace
(Post-Rock- Australia)

KrawallBrüder : Venganza (Promo)
(Street Punk - Oi- Germany)
Tsima : Shatter
(Post-Rock- Poland)

The Last Hour : Deadline
(Darkwave- Italy)
The Apple Zed : The Fruits of Their Labours
(Progressive Rock- USA)

Yousei Teikoku : Hades : The Other World
(Gothic Rock- Japan)
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