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March 2016
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Local H: Hey, Killer
Their two thousand eight release, Twelve Angry Months, was a concept album about the bitter break up of a failed relationship. It rocked out pretty...[continue]
Semnal M: Unplugged
Rare Roton cassette with the beautiful Semnal M concert recorded in Iasi[continue]
Incognito: Incognito
Excellent tracks - composed by Adrian Ilie, one of the big monsters of romanian rock! This band activated shortly, but no problem - the music is...[continue]
Radical Din Val: Radical Din Val
I listen this album; exists also the final version, but only in tape format. Although, are the same tracks, the same recordings. I don't want to...[continue]
Daughtry: Daughtry
I love this band so much ! This one band of a few has 90% of its songs perfect.[continue]
Greenslade: Cactus Choir
There's a picture of Dave Greenslade and Andy McCulloch playing chess on the inner sleeve of Spyglass Guest that always makes me chuckle i.e. try NOT...[continue]
Emerson Lake And Palmer: Live at High Voltage 2010
We rehearsed for five weeks, which I could never understand why we needed to rehearse that long, Upon hearing the recordings, maybe five weeks was...[continue]
Man: Do You Like It Here Now, Are You Settling in?
You know, I'm caught on the horns of a Dalai Lama with this album. To wit, how can such a hirsute gaggle of smoking enthusiasts capable of this...[continue]

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Halestorm @Paris Le Trianon 13-02-2016
by LeLoupArctique
Wilson @Paris Le Trianon 13-02-2016
by LeLoupArctique

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