Ulrike Goldmann

Name Ulrike Goldmann
Birth date
Country Germany
City Berlin
Bands (activ)
  • BlutEngel

  • Ulrike Goldmann is the singer that replaced Eva Poelzing (2002–2005) in the band Blutengel in October 2005.
    Goldmann has a trained voice and has been singing her entire life. Her first band was an electro-pop duo called Say - Y, whose signed to Chris Pohl's label, Fear Section in 2003 and released their album Refill later that year, the first one under a record label. Say - Y toured along with Blutengel opening concerts during their 2004 Demon Kiss Tour and in September 2005 Ulrike left the band in good terms to join Blutengel. In an interview, Goldmann said she was invited by a friend to see a Blutengel concert in Potsdam, during their Angel Dust Tour in March 2003. She was amazed with the show and got to meet Chris, Constance and Eva after the concert and they quickly became friends.

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