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T E Morris
T-Bone Walker
T. Hardy Morris
T. Rex
Tab Benoit
Tabayo N Co
Tactile Gemma
Tai Phong
Taiga Blues
Tailgunner Joe
Tailor Made Fable
Taipuva Luotisuora
Taj Mahal
Take Shit
Taking Back Sunday
Tal Bachman
Tale Cue
Tales Of Mad Band
Taliban Airways
Taliesyn (GER)
Talk Show
Talk Talk
Talking Heads
Tamara Champlin
Tamara Williamson
Tame Impala
Tamed Animals
Tamer Isli Projects
Tami Show
Tampere SS
Tane Cain
Tangerine Dream
Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving
Tanya Donelly
Tanya Markova
Tanzkapelle Südfriedhof
Tapage Nocturne
Tapetto Traci
Tara Perdida
Tasty Freaks
Tattooed Mother Fuckers
Taxi (POR)
Taxi Girl
Taxi Violence
TC Matic
Té de Brujas
Tearful Moon
Tears For Fears
Technicolor Poets
Ted Nugent
Teddy Lee Hooker
Teddy Thompson
Tedeschi Trucks Band
Tédio Boys
Teenage Bottlerocket
Teenage Fanclub
Teenage Jesus And The Jerks
Teenage Rehab
Teenage Renegade
Teenage Time Killers
Teeth Of The Sea
Tegan And Sara
Telex Group
Tempesta Noire
Temple Of The Dog
Temple Of Twilight
Templeton Pek
Tempo Scaduto
Tempus Fugit
Ten Foot Pole
Ten Thousand Wrong Choices
Ten Years After
Tenacious D
Tenpole Tudor
Tentative 02 Suicide
Tenth Avenue North
Tera Melos
Terence Trent D'Arby
Terje Rypdal
Terraced Garden
Terre Neuve
Terreno Baldio
Terrible Things
Terry Callier
Terry Davidson and The Gears
Terry Reid
Teru's Symphonia
Terveet Kädet
Testi Egyenleg Ska Kollektíva
Têtes Raides
Tetragroove Gigafunk
Tha Anguish
Thank U For Smoking
Thao with The Get Down Stay Down
That Dog.
That Handsome Devil
That Petrol Emotion
That Sunday Feeling
Thayer Cabin
The (International) Noise Conspiracy
The 101ers
The 1975
The 31st Of February
The 4 Skins
The 4onthefloor
The 6 O'Clock Phantoms
The 69 Eyes
The 86'ed
The 88's
The Abstracts
The Academy Is...
The Accidents
The ace of cups
The Acousticolics
The Acro Brats
The Act-Ups
The Action
The Action Design
The Addiction
The Adhesives
The Adicts
The Adolescents
The Adventures
The Adverts
The Aerial
The Aerovons
The Afghan Whigs
The Afters
The Age of Electric
The Age Of Information
The Aggravation
The Aggregation
The Agitators
The Agrestix
The Airborne Toxic Event
The Airplane
The Alan Parsons Project
The Alarm
The Album Leaf
The Alessi Brothers
The Alfee
The Alienation
The All American Rejects
The All Rounds
The Alldirty
The Allman Brothers Band
The Allman Joys
The Allstar Project
The Almost
The Amazing Rhythm Aces
The Amboy Dukes
The American Analog Set
The American Dollar
The Amorphous Androgynous
The Amps
The Analogs
The Anchoress
The Android Meme
The Androids Of Mu
The Angels
The Angry Agenda
The Angst
The Animals
The Ankers
The Ansion
The Answer
The Antics
The Antlers
The Apers
The Apple Zed
The Apples In Stereo
The Appleseed Cast
The Aquabats
The Archies
The Arcs
The Argument
The Ark
The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches
The Arrows
The Art Of Lovin'
The Arteries
The Artimus Pyle Band
The Assasinators
The Astro Zombies
The Astronaut King
The Ataris
The Atomic Bitchwax
The Audition
The Australian Pink Floyd
The Auteurs
The Authority
The Automatic
The Avett Brothers
The Awakening
The B-52's
The B-Sides
The Baboon Show
The Babys
The Back Horn
The Backbeat Band
The Backdoormen
The Bad Engrish
The Bag
The Bakerton Group
The Balmung
The Band
The Band Apart
The Banshee
The Barbarellatones
The Barons
The Barstool Philosophers
The Baseballs
The Bastard Sons Of Skynyrd
The Basterists
The Bates
The Bawdies
The Beach Boys
The Beans
The Beards
The Bears
The Beasts Of Bourbon
The Beat
The Beatdown
The Beatdowns
The Beatles
The Beautiful Monument
The Beauty Of Gemina
The Becoming
The Beets
The Beginners
The Bel-Airs
The Belle Stars
The Bellrays
The Best Pessimist
The Beta Band
The Big Dish
The Big F
The Big Pink
The Bill
The Birds End
The Birds Of Satan
The Birthday
The Birthday Massacre
The Birthday Party
The Bitter Twins
The Black And White Years
The Black Angels
The Black Box Revelation
The Black Cat Bone
The Black Crowes
The Black Heart Procession
The Black Keys
The Black Marias
The Black Monolith
The Black Moods
The Black Noodle Project
The Black Pacific
The Black Rose
The Black Ryder
The Black Sorrows
The Black Sparks
The Black Stout
The Black Tartan Clan
The Black Velvets
The Black Waves
The Blackbirds
The Blackrats
The Blackwater Fever
The Blakes
The Blasters
The Bleeding Lights
The Blessed Isles
The Blind Daters
The Blood
The Blood Arm
The Bloodclots
The Bloodhound Gang
The Bloody Hells
The Bloody Irish Boys
The Bloody Stinking Bastards
The Blow Monkeys
The Blowjob
The Blue Aeroplanes
The Blue Angel Lounge
The Blue Bloods
The Blue Cats
The Blue Dawns
The Blue Delightful Lemons
The Blue Drones
The Blue Hearts
The Blue Nile
The Blue Things
The Blue Van
The Blues Brothers
The Blueskins
The Blurters
The Boardlords
The Bodysnatchers
The Bohicas
The Boils
The Bois
The Bolshoi
The Bombdolls
The Bombpops
The Bonaparte's
The Bones
The Boo Radleys
The Books
The Boom
The Boomtown Rats
The Booze
The Booze Hounds
The Borderlines
The Boss Martians
The Bosshoss
The Bots
The Box
The Box Tops
The Boxer Rebellion
The Boys
The Brains
The Brakes
The Brat Attack
The Bravery
The Breath Of Life
The Breeders
The Brew
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Bridgeheads
The Briefs
The Bright Light Social Hour
The Brilliant Green
The Bristles
The Broadsiders
The Brotherhood Of Pagans
The Brought Low
The Bruised
The Bruisers
The Builders And The Butchers
The Bullys
The Burial
The Burns Sisters
The Bus Station Loonies
The Bushmen
The Business
The Buttocks
The Bymz
The Byrds
The Cab
The Calling
The Calm Blue Sea
The Cancer Conspiracy
The Candyskins
The Canvas Waiting
The Capaces
The Capones
The Capsules
The Carburetors
The Cardiacs
The Cardigans
The Cars
The Cascades
The Casualties
The Cave Singers
The Celtic Social Club
The Cemetary Girlz
The Chainsaw Blues Cowboys
The Chairman
The Chameleons
The Changcuters
The Changes
The Chant
The Chantays
The Chap
The Chapman Family
The Charlatans
The Charlatans (USA)
The Charlottes
The Chasmbrats
The Chaw
The Checkers
The Cheeks
The Chelsea Smiles
The Cheshire Strangler
The Chesterfield King
The Chevin
The Chikitas
The Chills
The Chocolate Watchband
The Chotards
The Chris Duarte Group
The Chris Rolling Squad
The Chuck Dukowski Sextet
The Church
The Cinematics
The Citations
The Civil Wars
The Civillains
The Clash
The Class Assassins
The Clauberg Opera
The Claypool Lennon Delirium
The Clichés
The Click Five
The Coffinshakers
The Cold
The Collins Kids
The Colourfield
The Coma Lilies
The Communards
The Computers
The Comsat Angels
The Concrete Gods
The Connells
The Contact
The Copyrights
The Coral
The Cosmic Dead
The Council Of Days
The Courteeners
The Coyotes Dessert
The Crack
The Craftmen Club
The Cramps
The Cranberries
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
The Creation
The Creatures
The Creepshow
The Cribs
The Crimson Ghosts (GER)
The Cro Magnons
The Cro-Magnons
The Crone
The Crow And The Deadly Nightshade
The Crow Farm
The Crumbs
The Crüxshadows
The Cry Room
The Cryan' Shames
The Cryptones
The Crystal Caravan
The Cuffs
The Cuffs (USA)
The Cult
The Cult Of Dom Keller
The Cure
The Curs
The Curses
The Curtains
The Cute Lepers
The Cynics
The Czars
The D Project
The D4
The Daedalus Spirit Orchestra
The Dalaï Lama Rama Fa Fa Fa
The Damnations
The Damned
The Dandy Warhols
The Danse Society
The Dares
The Dark Fantastic
The Dark Side Of Venus
The Darkness
The Darkside
The Datsuns
The Daughters Of Bristol
The Daysleepers
The Dead 60s
The Dead End Boys
The Dead Milkmen
The Dead Weather
The Deadthings
The Deafening
The Dear Hunter
The Dears
The Death Letters
The Death Of Anna Karina
The December Sound
The Decemberists
The Decline
The Deep Dark Woods
The Deep Eynde
The Defectives
The Defects
The Del Fuegos
The Delano Orchestra
The Delta Lions
The Delta Saints
The Denver Gentlemen
The Departure
The Derek Trucks Band
The Descendents
The Detectors
The Detroit Cobras
The Devil Dogs
The Devil Wrays
The Devil's Blood
The Devils Rejects
The Diaboliks
The Dick Spikie
The Dickies
The Dictators
The Didjits
The Dilligafs
The Dirtbombs
The Dirteez
The Dirty Panties
The Dirty Rebels
The Dirty Youth
The Discocks
The Diskonected
The Distance
The Distillers
The Distractions
The Distroy
The Disturbances
The Ditch
The Divine Comedy
The Divinyls
The Dixie Boys
The Do
The Doctors
The Dodos
The Dodoz
The Dogbones
The Doll And The Puppets
The Dolly Rocker Movement
The Dollyrots
The Don Harrison Band
The Donnas
The Donots
The Doobie Brothers
The Doors
The Doups
The Downtown Fiction
The Drapes
The Drastics
The Dreadnoughts
The Dream Academy
The Dresden Dolls
The Drift
The Drinkers
The Droogs
The Drowning Season
The Drums
The Drunken Lazy Bastards
The Dry Spells
The Dubrovniks
The Ducky Boys
The Dukes
The Dwarves
The Eagles
The Earl Grey
The Early November
The Easybeats
The Echelon Effect
The Eden House
The Effigies
The Effort
The Egyptian Gay Lovers
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
The Ejected
The Elderberries
The Eleanors
The Electric Prunes
The Elektrocution
The Elex Yo Ben
The Ellie Badge
The Elms
The Ember Days
The Emerald Dawn
The Empire Hideous
The End Of Science
The End Of The Ocean
The End Of Times
The Enemy
The Enemy (UK)
The Enid
The Entrance Band
The Ents
The Epoxies
The Erections
The Ernies
The Esla Project
The Essence
The Estranged
The Eternal Afflict
The Eternal Fall
The Eternal Twilight
The Etherist
The Europeans
The Evens
The Everly Brothers
The Evpatoria Report
The Ex
The Exies
The Expelled
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band
The Exploited
The Explosion
The Exposed
The Extraordinary Contraptions
The Eyes
The F-Ups
The Faces
The Fags
The Faint
The Faith
The Fall
The Fall From Grace
The Fall Of Troy
The Fallacy
The Fallen
The Family Cat
The Fanny Pads
The Farts
The Fauns
The Feelies
The Feeling
The Feeling Of Love
The Felice Brothers
The Fellows
The Fiery Furnaces
The Figgs
The Filaments
The Films
The Finkielkrauts
The Fire
The Fire Theft
The Fits
The Fitzcarraldo Sessions
The Fixx
The Flaming Lips
The Flaming Sideburns
The Flaming Stars
The Flatliners
The Flatmates
The Fleshtones
The Flobots
The Flock
The Flower Kings
The Flowerpot Men
The Flying Cats
The Flying Eyes
The Flying Padovani's
The Flying Stream
The Fools
The Forgotten
The Foundations
The Fragments
The Frames
The Fratellis
The Fray
The Freeze
The French Mist
The Frenchies
The Fresh And Onlys
The Friday Night Boys
The Fright
The Frogs
The Frumpies
The Frustrators
The Fuckers
The Fugs
The Fumes
The Futureheads
The Fuzztones
The Fyreworks
The Gabriel Construct
The Gandharvas
The Garders
The Gashers
The Gaslight Anthem
The Gears
The Gee Strings
The Genbaku Onanies
The Generators
The Gents
The Geoff Everett Band
The Georgia Satellites
The Gerbs
The Germs
The Get Up Kids
The Ghouls
The Gift
The Girl
The Gits (POL)
The Gits (USA)
The Glass Ocean
The Glitter Band
The Glockenwise
The Glove
The Go
The Go Set
The Go-Betweens
The God Damn Whores
The God Machine
The Godfathers
The Gods
The Gonads
The Gone Jackals
The Good Life
The Good The Bad and The Queen
The Gories
The Gourds
The Graceful Slicks
The Gracious Few
The Graduate
The Grannies
The Gravesiders
The Gravity Guild
The Grays
The Great Dictators
The Great Lesbian Show
The Great Sleep
The Great Society
The Great Society Mind Destroyers
The Great Wilderness
The Greenhornes (USA)
The Greenhorns (BEL)
The Grenma
The Greygut's
The Grim
The Grinning Plowman
The Griswalds
The Grit
The Grizzlies
The Groundhogs
The Growlers
The Guess Who (CAN)
The Guilty Brigade
The Gumbabies
The Gun Club
The Guts
The Gutter Ghouls
The Gutter Twins
The Guv'nors
The Half Bees
The Halo Method
The HandMe Downs
The Hangers
The Hangmen
The Hanna Barbarians
The Hardknocks
The Havoc
The Hawaiians
The Head Cat
The Headliners
The Heads
The Heartless Devils
The Heavy
The Heavy Eyes
The Hedgehogs
The Hellbound Hepcats
The Hellboys
The Hellfreaks
The Herberts
The Hex Bombs
The Hex Dispensers
The Hiatus
The High Violets
The High-Lows
The Higher
The Higher Craft
The Hillbilly Moon Explosion
The Hip Priests
The Hives
The Hoax
The Hollies
The Holloways
The Hollywood Drive
The Hollywood Vampires
The Holy Curse
The Holy Mess
The Holydrug Couple
The Honesty
The Honeydrippers
The Honeys
The Honorary Title
The Hookers
The Hoosiers
The Hooters
The Hop La
The Horatii
The Horrors
The House Of Love
The House Of The Last Lantern
The House Of Usher
The Housemartins
The Howling
The Human Beast
The Human League
The Hunt
The Hunters
The Hydromatics
The Hyènes
The Hyphen
The Hypnoslugs
The Icarus Line
The Ides Of March
The Idiots
The Idle Race
The Ills
The Illusion Fades
The Inchtabokatables
The Incredible Staggers
The Infinite Three
The Inmates
The Inner Road
The Insaints
The Insane
The Insomniacs
The Insomniacs (USA)
The Inspector Cluzo
The Insurgence
The Interrupters
The Irradiates
The Irreverends
The J.Geils Band
The Jam
The Jan Holberg Project
The Janitors
The Jayhawks
The Jennifers
The Jerry Garcia Band
The Jesus And Mary Chain
The Jesus Lizard
The Jet City Fix
The Jezabels
The Jills
The Jim Jones Revue
The Jim McCarty Band
The Jimmie Van Zant Band
The Jizz Kids
The Joe Davis Band
The John Butler Trio
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
The Joneses
The Joy Formidable
The Joykiller
The Joystix
The Juliana Theory
The Junior Varsity
The Kagas
The Kaviar
The KDV Deviators
The Kendolls
The Kentucky Headhunters
The Kids
The Killer And The Star
The Killers
The Killing Tree
The Kills
The King Blues
The Kings of Nuthin'
The Kingsmen
The Kinks
The Kiss That Took A Trip
The Kleins
The Knack
The Knutz
The Kooks
The Korgis
The Krayons
The Krays
The La's
The Lady Spade
The Lanskies
The Last Brigade
The Last Dance
The Last Goodnight
The Last Hour
The Last Oath
The Last Resort
The Last Shadow Puppets
The Last Wish
The Laughing Mothers
The Laurels
The Law
The LawnMowers
The Lawrence Arms
The Lazy Cowgirls
The Lazy Faithful
The Legendary Pink Dots
The Legendary Raw Deal
The Legendary Shack-Shakers
The Legendary Tiger Man
The Legends
The Leisure Society
The Lemon Lovers
The Les Claypool Frog Brigade
The Letter Black
The Liberals
The Libertines
The Life And Times
The Lightning Seeds
The Lilies and Sparrows
The Limiñanas
The Line Band
The Little Rabbits
The Live Grenades
The Living End
The Load
The Locos
The London Diehards
The London Souls
The Lonely Hunter
The Long Blondes
The Long Ryders
The Longcut
The Loose Skrews
The Lords Of Altamont
The Lords Of The New Church
The Love Me Nots
The Loved Ones
The Lovely Lads
The Loyd
The Luchagors
The Lucky Devils
The Lucky Fingers
The Lucy Show
The Lumineers
The Lurkers
The Macc Lads
The Maccabees
The Machine
The Madden Brothers
The Maddigans
The Magic Numbers
The Magnetic Fields
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