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logo Panic At The Disco

Band's list Pop Rock Panic At The Disco
    Also known as : Panic! At The Disco, PATD


Status Formed In


    USA (Las Vegas, Nevada)
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    116 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Dallon Weekes
: Bass, Back Vocals,
[since 2009]
Spencer Smith
: Drums, Percussions,
[since 2004]
Brendon Urie
: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard,
[since 2004]

Past members

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Brent Wilson : Bass, [2004-2006]
Bartram Nason : Drums, Keyboard, Cello, Percussions, [2006-2007], live member
Ian Crawford : Guitar, Back Vocals, [2009-2012], live member
Eric Ronick : Back Vocals, Keyboard, Percussions, [2006-2008], live member
Ryan Ross : Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, [2004-2009]
Jon Walker : Guitar, Bass, Back Vocals, [2006-2009]


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  • Panic At The Disco - Northern Downpour

  • Panic At The Disco - The Overture

  • Panic At The Disco - The Overture (Making of)

  • Panic At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

  • Panic At The Disco - Full Concert (Live at Reading Festi

  • Panic! At The Disco: Mercenary

  • Panic! At The Disco - Let's Kill Tonight (Tour Video)

  • Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • Panic! At The Disco - The Ballad of Mona Lisa [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • Panic! At The Disco - New Perspective [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • Panic! At The Disco - Nine In The Afternoon [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • Panic! At The Disco- Lying Is the Most Fun..

  • Panic! At The Disco - It's Almost Halloween

  • Panic! At The Disco - Ready to Go

  • Panic! At The Disco - But It's Better If You Do

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