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Band's list Blues Rock Gary Moore


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Last line-up

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Gary Moore
: Vocals, Guitar,
Died 06/02/2011 - Skid Row - The Gary Moore Band - Thin Lizzy - Colosseum II - G force- Phil Lynott - BBM - Scars
Sam Kelly
: Drums,
Vic Martin
: Keyboard,
Pete Rees
: Bass,
Cassie Taylor
: Back Vocals,
Otis Taylor
: Back Vocals, All instruments,

Past members

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Phil Lynott : Vocals, Bass, Died 04/01/86 - Skid Row [1967-1969] - Thin Lizzy [1969 -1983]
Pearse Kelly : Drums,
John Curtis : Bass,


Back on the Streets (Album - )mp3  
Corridors of Power (Album - )mp3  
Victim of the Future (Album - )mp3  
Dirty Fingers (Album - )mp3  
Live at the Marquee (Live - )mp3  
Run for Cover (Album - )mp3  
Rockin' Every Night Live in Japan (Live - )mp3  
Wild Frontier (Album - )mp3  
After the War (Album - )mp3  
Still Got the Blues (Album - )mp3  
After Hours (Album - )mp3  
Blues Alive (Live - )mp3  
Blues for Greeny (Album - )mp3  
Dark Days in Paradise (Album - )mp3  
A Different Beat (Album - )mp3  
Back to the Blues (Album - )mp3  
Scars (Album - )mp3  
Live at Monsters of Rock (Live - )mp3  
Power of the Blues (Album - )mp3  
Old New Ballads Blues (Album - )mp3  
Close as You Get (Album - )mp3  
Bad for You Baby (Album - )mp3  
Essential Montreux -Live- (Album - )mp3  
Live at Montreux 2010 (Live - )mp3  


  • Gary Moore - Always Gonna Love You

  • Gary Moore - Out in the Fields (ft. Phil Lynott)

  • Gary Moore - Oh Pretty Woman

  • Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways

  • Gary Moore - Messiah Will Come Again

  • Gary Moore - Whiskey in the Jar

  • Gary Moore - The Boys Are Back in Town

  • Gary Moore - The Sky Is Crying

  • Gary Moore - King of the Blues

  • Gary Moore - Midnight Blues

  • Gary Moore - Need Your Love So Bad

  • Gary Moore - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

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