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logo Brian Setzer Orchestra

Band's list Rockabilly Brian Setzer Orchestra
    Also known as : The Brian Setzer Orchestra, BSO


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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Bob Sandman
: Saxophone,
Michael Acosta
: Saxophone,
Dana Hughes
: Trombone,
John Fumo
: Trumpet,
Les Lovitt
: Trumpet,
Dan Fornero
: Trumpet,
Gary Stockdale
: Piano
Brian Setzer
: Vocals, Guitar,
founder member, Brian Setzer, ex-Stray Cats, ex-Bloodless Pharaohs
Ramon Flores
: Trumpet,
Kevin Richardson
: Trumpet,
Kevin Norton
: Trumpet,
Kye Palmer
: Trumpet,
Will Murillo
: Trumpet,
Bruce Fowler (aka Bruce Lambourne Fowler)
: Trombone,
Frank Zappa, The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra, The Mothers, Captain Beefheart, The Band From Utopia, The Magic Band, Fowler Brothers,
Scott Ray
: Trombone,
Mark Jones
: Trombone,
Robbie Hioki
: Trombone,
George McMullen
: Trombone,
Craig Woods
: Trombone,
Art Valasco
: Trombone,
Steve Fowler
: Saxophone,
Matt Zebley
: Saxophone,
Jim Youngstrom
: Saxophone,
Don Roberts
: Saxophone,
Tim Misica
: Saxophone,
Ray Herrmann
: Saxophone,
Bob Parr
: Bass,
Mark Winchester
: Bass,
Tony Garnier
: Bass,
Bernie Dresel
: Drums, Percussions,


The Brian Setzer Orchestra (Album - )mp3  
Guitar Slinger (Album - )   
The Dirty Boogie (Album - )mp3  
Vavoom! (Album - )   
Jumpin' East of Java (Live - )mp3  
Boogie Woogie Christmas (Album - )mp3  
The Ultimate Collection (Live - )   
Dig That Crazy Christmas (Album - )   
Wolfgang's Big Night out (Album - )   
Songs from Lonely Avenue (Album - )   
Don't Mess with a Big Band (Live - )   
Christmas Comes Alive! (Album - )   


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