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Band's list Punkcore Black Flag


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    USA (Los Angeles, California)
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Gregory Moore
: Drums,
[since 2013], Gone
Greg Ginn
: Guitar, Bass,
[1976-1986] [since 2013], Gone, Confront James, EL BAD, Mojack, Good For You
Ron Reyes
: Vocals,
[1979-1980] [since 2013]
Dave Klein
: Bass,
ex-Screaching Weasel

Past members

Others bands/comments
Chuck Dukowski : Bass, FLAG, October Faction, Würm, SWA, The Chuck Dukowski Sextet, Black Face
Anthony Martínez : Drums,
Bill Stevenson : Drums, FLAG, All, Descendents, The Lemonheads, Only Crime
Dez Cadena : Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals, Misfits, The Gentlemen, FLAG, Redd Kross, DC3
Mike Vallely : Vocals, Live Member
Henry Rollins : Vocals, Rollins Band, S.O.A., Henrietta Collins and the Wifebeating Childhaters, Wartime
Raymond Pettibon : Bass,
Kira Roessler : Bass, Twisted Roots, Sexsick, DOS
Keith Morris : Vocals, FLAG, Circle Jerks, Midget Handjob, Off!
Chuck Biscuits : Drums, ex-D.O.A., Danzig
Emil Johnson : Drums, Twisted Roots
Robo : Drums, ex-Misfits
Brian Migdol : Drums,
C'el Revuelta : Bass,
Spot : Bass,


Damaged (Album - )mp3  
Everything Went Black (Album - )mp3  
The First Four Years (Compilation - )mp3  
My War (Album - )mp3  
Family Man (Album - )mp3  
Slip It In (Album - )mp3  
Live '84 (Live - )mp3  
Loose Nut (Album - )mp3  
In My Head (Album - )mp3  
Who's Got the 10½? (Live - )mp3  
Wasted...Again (Compilation - )mp3  
Damaged - Jealous Again (Compilation - )   
Live at the On Broadway 1982 (Live - )   
What The... (Album - )   


  • https://youtube.com/devicesupport

  • Black Flag - Can't Decide

  • Black Flag - TV Party

  • Black Flag - Rise Above

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