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The Cars : Discografía completa álbumes

The Cars : Rock Goes To College

Rock Goes To College

Bootleg, 1978 - Ningun label conocida

Recorded Live At University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.
1. Just What I Needed
2. Good Times Roll
3. I'm In Touch With Your World
4. My Best Friend's Girl
5. Moving In Stereo
6. All Mixed Up
7. Night Spots
8. Bye Bye Love
9. Don't Cha Stop
10. You're All I've Got Tonight

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The Cars : Center Fields House

Center Fields House

Bootleg, 1987 - Ningun label conocida

Recorded Live at Hearnes Center Field House, University of Missouri-Columbia, MO, USA, 12/08/1987
1. Tonight She Comes
2. Touch and Go
3. Double Trouble
4. You Are the Girl
5. Everything You Say
6. Since Your Gone
7. Nightspots
8. Strap Me in
9. Let's Go
10. Candy-O
11. Moving in Stereo
12. Dangerous Type
13. Drive
14. Hello Again
15. Just What I Needed
16. My Best Freind's Girl
17. Good Times Roll
18. You Might Think

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