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Ninja Dolls : complete achievements

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Ninja Dolls : Cheap,Tricks and Lies

Cheap,Tricks and Lies

CD, 2006 - Rebel Nation Records

1. Don´t Care
2. Run and Hide
3. Beautiful
4. The Punkrock Song
5. The Symbol of Beauty
6. Night of the Undead
7. Goodbye (My Darling)
8. Love You to Death
9. I´m a Ninja (Yes I Am)
10. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)
11. Mark My Words

12. Beautiful (Piano Version)

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Ninja Dolls : 123 Go !

123 Go !

CD, 05 June 2009 - Unconform Records

1. About a Cranky Old Man
2. Silicon Sympathy Choir
3. Nobodys Girlfriend
4. Miss Young and Naive
5. Old Mariann
6. Who's Pretending
7. Without the Bitching I'd Fell so Alone
8. Not My War
9. All Mixed Up
10. Don't Wanna Go Home
11. Harry's Got to Go
12. The Last Song About You (for This Time)
13. Clean Up the Mess
14. Valentine (Is Just a Reason to Get Drunk)

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