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Mayday Parade : discografia completa

Mayday Parade : A Lesson in Romantics

A Lesson in Romantics

CD, 2007 - Fearless Records

1. Jamie All Over
2. Black Cat
3. When I Get Home You're So Dead
4. Jersey
5. If You Wanted a Song Written About You, All You Had to Do Was Ask
6. Miserable at Best
7. Walk on Water or Drown
8. Ocean and Atlantic
9. I'd Hate to Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About
10. Take This to Heart
11. Champagne's for Celebrating (I'll Have a Martini)
12. You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I'll Be the Wings That Keep Your Heart in the Clouds

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Mayday Parade : Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here

CD, 2009 - Auto-Production

1. Kids in Love
2. Anywhere But Here
3. The Silence
4. Still Breathing
5. Bruised and Scarred
6. If You Can't Live Without Me , Why Aren't You Dead Yet ?
7. Save Your Heart
8. Get Up
9. Center of Attention
10. I Swear This Time I Mean It
11. The End

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Mayday Parade : Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade

CD, 08 Março 2011 - Atlantic Records / Fearless Records

1. Oh Well, Oh Well
2. No Heroes Allowed
3. When You See My Friends
4. You're Dead Wrong
5. Priceless
6. Stay
7. Call Me Hopeless, Not Romantic
8. A Shot Across the Bow
9. Everything's an Illusion
10. I'd Rather Make Mistakes Than Make Nothing at All
11. Without the Bitter the Sweet Isn't As Sweet
12. Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven't Ended Yet

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Mayday Parade : Valdosta


EP, 08 Março 2011 - Fearless Records

1. Amber Lynn
2. Jamie All Over
3. Kids in Love
4. Your Song
5. Bruised and Scarred
5. Terrible Things

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Mayday Parade : Monsters in the Closet

Monsters in the Closet

CD, 08 Outubro 2013 - Fearless Records

1. Ghosts
2. Girls
3. Last Night for a Table of Two
4. 12 Through 15
5. The Torment of Existence Weighed Against the Horror of Nonbeing
6. Even Robots Need Blankets
7. Repent and Repeat
8. Demons
9. Sorry, Not Sorry
10. Nothing You Can Live Without, Nothing You Can Do About
11. Hold Onto Me
12. Angels
Bonustracks (Deluxe Edition)
13. Hear the Sound
14. Stuck in Remission
15. Worth Thousand Words

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