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Band's list Rock'n'Roll The Kinks Size
Album, Released date : 1965 - Reprise Records / Sanctuary Records
Style: Rock'n'Roll

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RATING : 14/20
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1. Tired of Waiting for You
2. Louie, Louie
3. I've Got That Feeling
4. Revenge
5. I Gotta Move
6. Things Are Getting Better
7. I Gotta Go Now
8. I'm a Lover Not a Fighter
9. Come on Now
10. All Day and All of the Night

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2 ratings 1 14/20
12 / 20
    ThatMetalDude, Monday 28 December 2015 Talk to your friends  
Very short but halfway decent.

The Kinks 'Size' (also called 'Kinks-Size') has always been a little unusual to me in that, I don't know if I should consider this a studio album or a compilation. It could be considered a compilation because all of these songs have been released on recordings of some sort (EPs, singles, etc.) before this album was released. But then, it could also be considered a studio album to a lot of people because a lot of these songs are B-sides or were only released in the UK up to this point. Of course, even though it's debatable, it's not important. What is important is the music contained on this album.

Overall, I thought 'Size' was OK. The main problem (for me at least) with this album is that it is very short for a full length album. The whole thing clocks in at less than 25 minutes in length. Lots of bands make EPs that are longer than that. Maybe I'm the only one who has a problem with that, but I'm like everyone else in that, when I get an album, I want my money's worth of music, and this just isn't quite acceptable. The music on here is really quite good though. Much like 'Kinda Kinks', this album features a combination of soft poppy songs mixed with heavy raw ones.

I've said on other Kinks reviews that I prefer their lighter, more pop oriented songs, but this album is the exception. Album-closer "All Day and All of the Night" is probably my all time favorite Kinks song. In my opinion, it's also probably the first heavy metal song ever written.

Favorite Songs: "Louie, Louie", "All Day and All of the Night"


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