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Band's list Post-punk Radical Din Val Radical Din Val
Demo, Released date : 2001 - Radical Din Val Records
Style: Post-punk

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RATING : 7/20
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1. Intro Ducere a Minte
2. Suflet Comun
3. Bantuitorul
4. Extratechristul
5. Un Sentiment Ciudat
6. Fructe de Pădure
7. Un Moment Straniu
8. Ascuns
9. Omul Cu Carnea
10. Coropishnitza
11. Tragicomic
12. Dulapiorul Cu Bibelouri
13. Suflet Comun

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1 ratings 1 7/20
7 / 20
    stefi2503, Monday 28 December 2015 Talk to your friends  
Weak album

I listen this album; exists also the final version, but only in tape format. Although, are the same tracks, the same recordings. I don't want to upset anyone , but this album is very weak , it's all sloppy punk, even if it is a demo. The same thing for the cassette version...

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